Edifício Kadosh

Enjoy the exclusive thrill of living in Vale do Sereno


The Kadosh Project grants you the privilege of choosing the floor plan that best meets your requirements. Located in Vale do Sereno (Sereno Valley), it was designed and developed to offer clients countless benefits. Each and every designed detail reflects RKM’s policy of offering those who choose to live in Vale do Sereno the best quality of life and the healthiest living conditions possible.

The very name of the building, Kadosh, is a special word used to refer to something that is sacred. Such as your home. A comfortable and private environment, a place where you can always enjoy utmost peace and quiet. As for the hexagon, the shape chosen for developing the project design, it is simple but powerful, capable of smoothing out differences and creating balance and harmony in the environment.

In short, Kadosh is a one-off building the construction of which involved the use of methods, equipment and materials specifically chosen to ensure the building´s sustainability and healthy conditions. The whole building was designed so as to create a healthy environment with a reduced incidence of BRIs (Building Related Illnesses) and where residents are assured a high quality of life.


All the above, coupled with the comfort and sophistication intrinsic to all RKM Group projects, makes Kadosh the right choice to secure a maximum of well-being for yourself and your family. A building with all you require to make it your new address.

Come visit and get to know Kadosh, the first building in Brazil to be awarded the “Selo Casa Saudável” (Healthy Home Seal).



Here, each detail has been designed to ensure your well-being.





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Edifício Kadosh

Rua Pau Brasil, 204 Vale do Sereno, Nova Lima See on Google Maps

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