way of being

RKM Engenharia projects are designed and implemented with basis on the social and environmental health and sustainability concepts of Geobiology, Sustainable Architecture, Sacred Geometry, and Bio-Construction. All this contributes to ensuring not only the company’s business success but also to improving people’s growth as individuals, their health conditions and integration with the environment.

  • Mission

    To foster and ensure people’s well-being.

  • Vision

    To remain a milestone company in designing and constructing healthy environments, to continue working with all respect for social, economic and environmental aspects – thereby promoting growth and ensuring profitability – as well as to always imbue with mutual trust all the relationships forged with its clients, investors and shareholders.

  • Business

    To design and build healthy and sustainable environments.

  • Values

    We believe that:

    People are reliable;

    People can create, transform and preserve the environment in which they live;

    Our company is a tool for ensuring personal and professional achievements;

    People and their human nature must be respected;

    Management must be based on cooperation, responsibility and awareness.

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