Always striving to ensure people’s well-being and to improve the environment in which we live, RKM has garnered wide professional recognition and the acknowledgement of its work in terms of creativity, uniqueness and product quality. The certificates and prizes the company has been awarded testify to its undeniable competence and reliability.

  • SELO CASA SAUDÁVEL (Healthy Home Quality Seal)

    Achievement with the “Edifício Kadosh”, a certification that is based on strict parameters that involve lighting, acoustics, electrical, air and water quality, materials used, sustainability and several others factors.

  • CSUL Urban Quality Award 2016

    Winner, in 2016 of the CSUL Urban Quality Award, in the theme “Materials and Resources”

  • ISO 9001 certificate awarded by SAS

    First Latin American civil construction company to have been awarded this quality management certificate.

  • “História de Sucesso Sebrae” (Sebrae Success History)

    Entered into the casebook as one of the companies that have become a reference in their respective fields of action and that contribute towards development at large.

  • Business Excellence Prize

    First civil construction company to have been awarded SEBRAE’s Business Excellence Prize, Category Industry.

  • “Diário do Comércio” Newspaper Marketing Prize

    First Latin-American civil construction company to have been awarded this business newspaper’s quality management prize.

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