The RKM Group

The RKM Group really excels in terms of the uniqueness, exclusivity and sophistication of its work and products.

Formed by RKM Engenharia and Gaya Construtora, the Group’s mission is to cater to people’s needs and ensure their well-being, a mission that it fully accomplishes by using cutting-edge healthy and sustainable civil construction technologies, a policy that reflects its unrestricted respect for the environment and society at large.  RKM undertakings are developed with basis on several technical methods such as, among other, intelligent design, geobiology, sensory landscaping, the use of sustainable materials and the reduction of industrial waste production.

It is worth noting that, to implement its projects, the Group not only carries out comprehensive market surveys to determine the innovations required but also, following its own and unique work method, makes sure that value always be added to all of its final products. Thus, all RKM’s final products unfailingly help to improve its clients’ quality of life while retaining, even with time, their value and impressiveness.

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