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Wherever you go in the world, the place is bound to boast its very own way of living, a characteristic architectural style and a local range of natural colors. Similarly, among building companies, RKM Engenharia’s acting policy stands out among those of the majority of all other similar companies. Active in the construction sector since 1993, RKM Engenharia (RKM) has persistently followed a work principle that is in harmony with today’s effort to assure our planet the very best of everything that it deserves and requires. For RKM, the implementation of a project stands for no less than the possibility of enhancing the well-being and health conditions of people in general and mainly those of its clients, partners and the whole community in which it is active.


RKM’s history undeniably tells of many a challenge overcome with its spirit of innovation, sound reputation and pioneering attitude. A benchmark in the upscale civil construction sector, the company’s basic aim is to offer quality. The competitive edge of all its undertakings owes to the value added to its products by a fully dedicated team of professionals that allow the company to achieve its ultimate result: client satisfaction. For this purpose, RKM, on implementing its projects, firmly adheres to its policies of securing excellence in all project phases and introducing cutting-edge technology throughout its integrated production system, thus securing competitive advantages such as its increased productivity rates, the elimination of wastage, and the consequent reduction of the final project price. This is why the acquisition of RKM products is, in the end, synonymous with not only the realization of a personal dream but also with the certainty of having made a great investment.

Persistently pursuing such a special and unique line of action – which also includes conducting a number of specific market surveys – RKM finds itself in a position to steer the implementation of all its projects towards the achievement of its ultimate goal of fully satisfying all of its clients’ needs and desires. RKM believes that meeting or even exceeding expectations is no doubt the best way not only to lighten its clients’ burden of having to make the required financial and emotional investments but also to involve them in a relationship based on mutual trust, closeness and accountability.

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