RKM Concept

RKM Engenharia’s projects are developed such as to ensure full customization, a task requiring the management of all changes requested by the clients whilst ensuring compliance with all applicable legal provisions and technical feasibility requirements.


Clients, therefore, can request the changes they may desire in terms of the lighting design, electrical system, hydraulic system, plaster and masonry ceilings,  as well as floor finishes, walls, hardware, sanitary fixtures,  provided that such changes do not affect the project’s calculable area, do not require load bearing walls (pillars) be moved and do not cause any inconvenience to neighbors.

RKM’s Concept system places at the clients’ disposal the services of its architects to guide them in making their technical and aesthetic choices.  Furthermore, always under RKM’s guaranteed management policy and within the project schedule, both RKM’s and its clients’ architects may join efforts and work as a team to ensure that all clients be fully satisfied from the very moment they are handed over the keys to their properties.

Welcome Kit:

Pioneering in the city of Belo Horizonte, RKM is the first and sole local civil construction company to offer its clients the option of receiving their properties in fitted-out conditions, with all the equipment and accessories required to ensure they feel at home as soon as they cross their thresholds.

The Welcome Kit that RKM offers its clients in partnership with high-end suppliers includes items such as shower booths, mirrors, curtains, air-conditioners, electrical appliances and more.

Custom Projects

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